Sunday, 16 October 2016

Mum Realities #2 - Swimming

When you have a baby you are encouraged to go to baby swimming classes (like water babies, there are others I just can't think of their names). Neither me or my partner are confident swimmers, or that comfortable in water to be honest. We didn't go to water babies. We go swimming regularly now with Fletcher, mainly to wear him out and make sure he is getting all the experiences he should.

However swimming with a toddler , even if they are your child, isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm short sighted so iI have to wear my glasses in the pool, cue Fletcher splashing me so much that I can't see anyway. Yay for glasses.

We take a couple of his bath toys (note I say bath toys, nice and small) to keep him happy, comfortable and entertained. these are great! We use them to help encourage him to kick his feet, by putting them just out of his reach so he has to swim to them.

Swimming isn't all shits and giggles though. What annoys me, is the other kids. I like being splashed by my child, but not other people's kids. The swimming pool we go to isn't massive, but that does not stop the other parents bringing in the most ridiculous over sized pool based toys (one family 6 noodles? really?) that take up the majority of the space in an already overcrowded learner pool, Like be sensible parents, your kids don't need everything in there, after all we are all there just to wear our children down and entertain them for a hour or so.

Just a warning if you do go to a small local swimming pool, my advice is to go as early as possible, less people there and more pool space to enjoy, plus you still get the rest of the day to do everything else you wanted.




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