Saturday, 19 July 2014

Meet my Kitty!!

Meet My precious cat, India. I have had her for about 12 years now, since she was just a tiny kitten, running around the family with her two sisters. now apparently ginger female tabby's are pretty hard to come by. The joy i get from India is insane. Everyday i am more and more entertained by her, which therefore means i end up taking more and more pictures of her daily. whenever i go away i worry about her. she is like a child! she is the most laid back placid cat i have ever had. she would never attack you, shes afraid to go out. just yesterday i watched her as she entered our neighbours garden, every step was careful and nervous. she cracks me up! she can barely meow too, which i nice and peaceful to be honest. i can honestly say i prefer cats to dogs, without starting up any debates i do love both however i just prefer the laid back way of life with cats! you dont  have to walk them or worry about them nearly as much as i probably do. but for now heres a few more pictures of my beloved cat!! 

Kelsie x

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