Friday, 22 August 2014

Pregnancy Update #2

I am now 9 weeks away from B-day! (thats baby day or birthing day!) woah, pretty scary now. I'm getting huge! I headed to my midwife appointment on Wednesday and all again is well, the only concern being that my iron levels have dropped slightly, so now I am having to eat more red meats and spinach apparently! all high in iron. (I hate spinach though). I could opt for tablets but I have such a struggle swallowing them and I would rather try raise my iron levels naturally. It also gives some meaning behind to why I have been just so tired and out of breath recently.

Also say goodbye to the blonde hair, I have dyed it back to brown, for pure low maintenance issues, which means I do not have to worry about it, with the baby due so soon I do not want to worry about how it looks, I am also planning on going and getting it cut to about shoulder length in the coming weeks again, just to make life a bit easier. Not that I particularly worry about my beauty regime I do not want to be hassling with taking ages to straighten my hair or curl it. So be prepared for a post coming about my new hair colour! 

Kelsie x


  1. I hope everything goes well for you! x

  2. thank you! its pretty exciting now. im just ready to meet the little man already! xxx


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