Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What's In My Hospital Bag?

I'm going to be separating this post in to two, one for me, and mums to be, and one for babies. I'll show you what I am packing for me and for the baby. I must first apologise for the poor quality of my photos, when I took them I thought they looked great but obviously I was asleep! However, as I have actually packed all the stuff now I really don't want to pull everything back out just to take more pictures. Also I realise some things may be missing (i.e. going home outfit) as I just haven't packed them yet and they are generally going to be my last couple of things to pack.

I must state, this is in no particular order at all!

1. Firming butter - This was actually a gift from my sister plus I'm a big moisturiser now days so I am taking this with me just in case.
2. Tangle teezer - You know to brush my hair. it really is such a great hair brush so its packed for this hospital trip!
3. Johnson's Facewipes - I won't lie, I'm lazy when it comes to removing my make up, these do the job for me, I have said previously I'm quite lucky with my skin. (I am planning on beginning to cleanse and moisturise soon or I think these years will catch up with me!)
4. Vitamins - folic acids and what not.

5. V05 matt hair clay - This is packed for Brad. He can be quite vain (don't tell him I said that) but this is packed for if he is in over night with me and also for photos if he feels the need to touch up!
6.Toothpaste and Toothbrushes - Pretty self explanatory there
7. Hair bobbles - Including the invisibobble (see my review!) just to keep my hair out of my face during the tough times!
8. Makeup - I have seen some other mums to be get some stick for putting this in their hospital bag on other websites but I think each to their own, I have packed the bare essentials, just in case I want to prep myself up a bit. I'm only taking it for a back up an 'in case' cause you never know!

9. Old towel - In case I decide to have a shower there
10. General beauty products - Deodorant, batiste dry shampoo, stretch mark products
11. Old knickers and socks - In case my feet get cold, and because i do not want nice new knickers getting ruined! everyone has those pairs of underwear tucked in the back of the draw! one day they will come in handy

12. Old tshirt and Pjs - Pjs self explanatory (in case your in over night). Old t-shirt for labour (actually grabbed one of brads old ones here)
13. Maternity Pads and briefs - An essential for after labour
14. Breast Pads - Especially important if you are breast feeding and don't want leakages or spoilt clothes!

So there it is. What is in my hospital bag! I have not included a picture of my bag as we just picked up an Adidas one (I do love Adidas stuff though). I really hope this post helps other expectant mums to be!


Kelsie x

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