Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sonisphere Festival

The weekend just gone was an incredibly weekend for me. My partner and i ummed and ahhed about whether to go to a festival this summer or not. Whether we could afford it and how i would be able to do it with being pregnant, were our big factors to overcome to say we could do it. Normally i would be drinking and smoking at a festival, since finding out i was pregnant obviously i have given up these things, so stepping into an environment that i was used to but now had to act in a different way was going to be a challenge for me. Eventually my partner and i had a 'f*** it' moment and decided it was something we had to do before the baby arrived. And im so glad we did. I found alternatives for many things (alcohol free kopparberg anyone?!) and really planned on how to make nyself as comfortable throughout the whole festival. We hugely enjoyed ourselves, and had a great weekend. My partner even won a free double jagermeister sleeping bag! And for once without getting a little merry i was able to remember all the festival, not wake up with a hangover and could afford to spend more money on sampling food from many of the stalls! 
 The winning jagermeister sleeping bag!! 

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