Monday, 18 August 2014

DIY glittery Jars

I saw some pictures on pinterest of glittery jars, and being that I have an awful lot of free time at the moment (until this baby arrives!) I thought I would give this a go. I actually found some jars on sale in Matalan that I liked as they were anyway.

To start you will need :

  • Any Empty jars you may have laying around the house
  • Glue that dries clear, i got craft PVA from hobby craft 
  • Glitter, your choice of colours
  • a wooden spatula type thing (lolly stick)
  • news paper or old magazines

I started by pouring a decent amount of glue into the bottom of the jar.

Then I poured in the glitter and gave it all a good mix up using my lil spatula type thing (i actually used a pencil because i am not that prepared)

Then just roll the glue around the jar filling in all the gaps, just pour it around rather than use any aids as they can actually leave it patchy.

I then turned them upside down so that any excess glue poured out and left to dry on old newspaper. i also actually dipped the very top rim of my jars in the excess glue but thats how my jars were. Once the excess glue has run out i moved the jars onto a windowsill to dry in the (little) sunshine. I also did not want the jars to stick to the paper. 

i actually chose these colour glitters, to make it a bit more masculine for the house! How can you make glitter masculine?!

Glue -
Glitter -

Have you tried anything like this? if you try these send me a picture! 

Kelsie x

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