Friday, 15 August 2014

Exciting new mummy stuff

Today I got a nice new package in the post. Oh how lovely it is to get something in a nice big box. It was my new electric sterilizer, breast pump and natural starter kit for babies! Everyone loves getting new stuff and well today I got this! essential for every new mum (especially those that plan to breast feed). This may be a thoroughly unexciting subject for some people, but when your about to be a new mum and pretty much everything is still quite scary, this makes me feel more settled and prepared. The package I got today was the Philips Avent Complete Natural Starter set. I purchased it from Mothercare (HALF PRICE!!) I love half price! who doesn't?? It has quite literally everything i could think I would need for at least the first couple of months, and I may be completely misled, but I am pretty happy with this. I'm just hoping sharing this with all you will help any of you in the future or now if you are expecting or for when you may have children!!

Any mummys out there have any advice?

Kelsie x

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