Saturday, 2 August 2014

July in Photographs

Just a short sweet extra post for you all. As its now August, (oh christ im having a baby in 2 months!) I thought I would have a nice little round up of July in pictures for you. Along the top of this collage is from when we went to Sonisphere festival at the start of July. So much fun and I believe when most of the very good weather started! Then we moved into our new house so there is the baby's nursery getting more and more ready for his arrival. The middle is a quick 'selfie' I took before a friends wedding that we also attended this month. I also could not leave out my gorgeous kitty!

Back to the left was probably the worst night of the whole of July, on the way back from sonisphere and at 4 in the morning or so we had to make an emergency stop at Addenbrooks hospital in Cambridge, as brads foot had swelled ridiculously, and he was in sooo much pain. We eventually got home at 7 am, after no sleep and 3 hours in A&E. 

Then there's my niece on a donkey ride at the carnival held in the town I grew up in recently.

Along the bottom, the first roast dinner I made in this house/have ever made by myself (no motherly intervention here!) 
Then brad and I went to feed the ducks and geese down the local park and I snapped this little picture of him doing that. And finally another cheeky 'selfie' after I had dyed my hair again!! 

What were your highlights of July? let me know. 
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Kelsie x

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