Friday, 10 October 2014

The Past 3 Years

I wanted to just put a post together to remember my last 3 years and all the fond amazing memories I have. All the people I have met over that time and the adventures I have had, in different countries with people from different walks of life. There were highs and lows over those times, times where I wanted to pack it all in, fly back to the UK and run back to my mum, I didn't, I stayed I powered through and for every bad time there are hundreds of great times for me to remember. Best of all if I hadn't gone on that first adventure, I would never have met Brad and now almost 3 years later be engaged and expecting a child together!

This post will also have a very general autumn/winter feel because our joint love was skiing/snowboarding and we (brad and I) met in the mountains of Austria! Its crazy to think if I hadn't gone on that first ski holiday with some friends I would never have fell in love with the mountains and never gone on my first ski season and never met the people along the way I did.

I want to encourage anybody that is afraid of taking that step or going on that adventure alone that you wont be alone for long at all. You will meet people that will change your life, and some that won't ever leave it once you have met them. I was terrified when I got on that first plane alone and flew to Austria, even that very night when I tucked myself into bed alone in a country where so far I had met a couple of people and didn't know the local language all that well but, Its the greatest thing I have ever done and now I'm still completely excited about what adventures there are to be had in the future. I'm so thankful for everything!

Have you gone on any adventures? share them! 


Kelsie xx

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