Friday, 10 March 2017

Moving On From A Break Up

This post is all about my honest thoughts and how i am working at moving on from a horrible event in my life (see THIS post). I know worse things happen to other people,and worse shit happens everywhere. This however effected me and my family life. My little world.

Honestly, right now i feel great, i feel like i am finally in a really positive place that i actually strived to be in whilst in that relationship. I feel like writing posts is my therapy. Getting all my thoughts and feelings written down . There are still days when I' angry. I think of the arguments and retaliations i would have to said arguments running through my head. However there's nothing counting to 10 and a few deep breaths don't cure. when i feel like that i honestly think of all the great things in my life. Fletcher, My family and friends. The opportunities i have in life. The things i can do now, that because of the manipulative and constricting relationship i was in, i can now go and do.

Hindsight is great right? Now i look back i can see what i thought was a great relationship really wasn't. An argument was always my fault. I was forever wrong and always the first to apologise. In actual fact i don't think i ever received an apology.

Of course, not every part of that relationship was bad. I wouldn't have been in it if not Now though i'm excited to see what the future holds in every aspect. New relationships, new opportunities, new travel destinations etc.

I have a few tips that have helped me get to a good place.

1. Find a great breakup song.
Thank god for Little Mix is all i can say to this, I mean Hell Yes to 'Shout out to my ex'. Theres also some pretty damn good playlists on spotify

2. Surround yourself with great friends including the online ones!
I mean most friends would support you in this situation, but sometimes you find out some are pretty shit. so i have my good friends surrounding me, and i'm so bloody thankful for them. My advice, cull the ones that don't bring positivity to your life.

3. Say yes to new opportunities.
I am all for this. going out with different people. put yourself out of your comfort zone. No adventure really starts in your comfort zone after all. plus its a great way to take your mind off things.

4.  Talk to People/write everything down
My last post (my open letter) was crazy therapeutic. I felt amazing afterwards. The kind words I received after that, online and in real life mean the world. If your friend goes through something similar, just be there for them. If you go through it, even if no one else reads it, write it down. Once everything is down, it seems silly to hold on to it. try to never hold on to anger. anyway the best revenge is being completely happy in your own life.

Those are just a few points, that I have found have helped me. I have really tried to surround myself with friends so I can at least take my mind of the shit show that may be my love life.

If you have anything else that may help people, let me know in the comments!




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