Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Playlist: March 2017

This month's playlist is here! What a random month for music too. I'm gunna go straight into what I have been listening to so everyone can just have a party right away.
And would it even be March without Ed Sheeran in it? No. The Answer is NO.
1. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl (it's the best lets be honest)

2. Sarah Close - Call Me Out
I am in love with this song. IN LOVE. Sarah is so good, and I completely recommend everyone go and listen to her and support her on youtube and twitter!

3. All Time Low - Last Young Renegade
It's new, and im going to see them in Norwich is 2 days. Well Excited. So it's in this playlist, and such a catchy song too.

4. Weezer - Feels Like Summer
I mean I just love Weezer. Just love them. Give it a whirl. You will too. I promise.

5. Blink 182 - Parking Lot
Another newb from them, including Matt Skiba. I've seen some negative comments that it is too similar to their old stuff, which is understandable, but i still like it.
Listen to it HERE

6. Lorde - Green Light
Now I was never a big fan of Royals, like ever, I felt like that was a terribly overrated song. However this song is beautiful!

As always, just a small selection actually featured here. You can listen to the rest of the playlist HERE

Let me know in the comments, your favourite songs this month too! 




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